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When preparing your estate plan, you will be facing a wide range of complex issues that most people never think about. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney can help you navigate these issues, ensuring that your estate is managed the way you want, by the person you want, while saving your loved ones from paying unnecessary money on court costs, taxes and attorney’s fees.

Shawn McCammon splits time between the firm’s offices, but is primarily available at our Boerne, TX office where he focuses on providing you and your family peace of mind through proper estate planning. Please contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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Estate planning can be a tedious and confusing process for many individuals and can raise a series of questions. Do I need a living trust? How can I protect my assets? The most effective way of obtaining reliable information and legal counsel is by turning to our firm for help. This can establish that you leave no loopholes in your estate planning. and that your wishes will be followed by your loved ones and upheld by the law.

Have more questions about how we can be of assistance to you with your estate planning needs? Please do not hesitate to contact our firm to schedule a complimentary consultation.  McCammon & Murray is here for you and your family.

Estate Planning

We make it simple.

It’s an unpleasant thought to think that your family’s well-being, as well as the division of your assets–such as real estate, bank accounts, and vehicles–can be left to the discretion of a court judge. You can avoid this by carefully and proactively planning ahead. How? By planning your estate with the skilled guidance of our estate planning lawyers.

At McCammon & Murray, we have guided many individuals throughout the entire estate planning process, from start to finish. Our firm utilizes the latest technology to enable open communication between our firm and our clients, so that the process can be less overwhelming and less costly.

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Estate Administration

Making the most of your financial assets.

Making the decision to appoint an estate administrator is one of the best ways to regulate your assets even after you pass on. Our firm has found that estate administration is an area in which legal counsel is especially beneficial. Although similar to probate administration, there are some key differences involved in estate administration. The parts of an estate that do not go through probate, such as a trust, are left to the estate administrator. When choosing your administrator, it is important to select someone you can trust implicitly. Family members or attorneys are often appointed for this duty.

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Outsourced small business legal services.

At McCammon & Murray we can partner with your company to provide necessary legal services. We can make sure your business or organization is in compliance with both state and federal laws and regulations, offer invaluable advice and guidance on key projects, and help with any other day-to-day needs associated with running a successful business. As your legal partner and continuous source of counsel, we will gain a thorough understanding of your business goals and objectives, as well as how you prefer to operate your business. In effect, our business law counseling will provide an affordable way for today’s business owner to enjoy the advantages of a knowledgeable in-house attorney.

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I have never lost a loved one before, so when my father died, I needed help securing his estate. I’d known Shawn from Chamber of Commerce activities and called him to assist my family in dealing with this. Shawn immediately understood my situation and what needed to be done. He was absolutely responsive, quick, communicative and effective. This aspect of my father’s death was seamless, thanks to Shawn and his expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend Shawn and McCammon & Murray to anyone with legal needs in Shawn’s area of expertise. Thanks again Shawn.

Michael O.

Thank you for getting our living trust together so quickly. I had my heart surgery and am doing well and it sure was comforting to know my wife and children would not have any problems if something happened to me. We talked to a few other places but weren’t getting the answers we needed. Once we talked with you, we knew we were in the right hands, and we had our trust within a few days. Shortly after, I went in for heart surgery knowing my family was taken care of. Thank you so much for helping us in our time of need, our experience could not have been better!

Ed O.